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Pompeii's may be older, but our food stand is open for business...

Food stands are not a new thing.

Archaeologists working in the ruins of the former Roman city this month excavated a thermopolium, or snack bar, containing food that dates back to A.D. 79. An unexpected and exciting glimpse into the past.

When we started Numnum 4 months ago, put all our efforts into a sit down eating venue. I never thought we would have a food stand - after all, the project was meant to be a restaurant serving kosher world food.

Our inspiration was not Pompeii, it was necessity (i.e. Corona) - the mother of invention, The lockdown came suddenly, our beautiful restaurant was forced to close down, we were forced to activate our creative juices, and Presto! the pop-up food stand came to be.

We have been operational for a month now, the feedback has been very positive, and we are encouraged...

Surprisingly, it turns out I like it: I love street food, and I have golden opportunity to do make it, once bringing all my life experiences to the kitchen to serve what one cannot get anywhere else in Basel, be it kosher or not kosher.

We are serving world street food, and having fun: hot soup with a fresh Jerusalem bagel, a daily curry, and our specialty sandwiches: falafel of course, and Sabich - for sure, but also New York corned beef, and soon - hot dogs - classic and Merguez sausage/Chimichuri-spiced, Indian bhadji burger, Caribbean roti wraps filled with savory Chana aloo, vegan Shwarma in pita, and even Tunisian tuna-filled fricassee sandwich.

P.S. We are closed for a week's holiday, we trust Vesuvius doesn't erupt on Leimenstrasse, and we will re-open January 4th, 2021.

See you soon at our food stand where you can taste the present!

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