So what is a Jerusalem Bagel?

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Jerusalem bagel is NOT your ordinary bagel...those beauties are soft and airy oval-shaped bagels with a slight sweetness, thanks to the honeyed sesame topping!

My favourite memories are of buying them from the wooden carts, where they are piled high, hot and fresh. Now they've become a hit at our Numnum lunchtime food stand. We served them with the daily soup but many buy them separately, or get the soup as an excuse for getting a fresh bagel.

You would usually get a newspaper cone with za'atar. Then you find yourself a bench in the sun, and eat them bit by bit, dipped in the za'atar.

Best enjoyed warm for a quick snack or the perfect breakfast with a little Labaneh, Zaatar and sumac mixed with some quality olive oil , with a hot soup, a salad, or with some saucy shakshuka.

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