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We stand with refugees from the Ukraine

When Mirjam proposed the idea, I was unsure: feed refugees for free? we were just coming around the corner, recovering from 2 difficult years of COVID, and now, this! and what do I know about Ukrainian cooking? Do I have any handy recipes for Borscht...? who does??

Gradually, I bought into the idea. They came one by one...a trickle at first, shy but appreciative. The words were few, but the smile meant everything. I cooked my heart out, made everything I knew how. Then 2 became 10, then10 became 20. 4 more per day, 6 more: the cause made it all worthwhile. I am very apolitical, always have been, but feeding the needy, is still an ideal for me.

The volunteer spirit was uplifting: we had a team of 2 IGB community member volunteers at our disposal every day, and so our thanx go out to our tireless volunteers: Gilbi Goldstein, Nicole Goldstein, Martinne Guttmann, Yehuda Landau, Miriam Rosenberg, Yvonne Rueff, Olga Tasoev, to name some...

And last Friday night , there was the Tour de (Suisse) Force - a Friday evening Shabbat meal in the community, with 80 participants, 25 of them guests from the Ukraine (30 % if the profits will go to the special fund created for their benefit). Everyone, including our guests chipped in to help with the cooking of the special Ukranian menu: There was Olga who made the cucumber salad, Suzanna who made the Vinegret, Lia who made the Pelmini. It was the most fun stress could be, and the evening was amazing.

Yes, it sounds corny, but even at my ripe old age, sometimes doing good can feel so right, and profit can be measured not only by financial tools, but also by the warmth it brings to your heart.

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